Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Week in Writing #72

Managed to finally get back to rewrites on Familiar Stranger. Decided to start from the beginning again, since there were some changes I've been thinking about.

After a couple of months, heard from my editor on Public and Private. May actually get to meet him for the first time next weekend. He hopes to have the entire manuscript ready, so I have to admit I'm sort of excited at the prospect. I've been wanting to complete this for what seems like a year now. I'm hoping that it might change my luck with the query process. Looking forward to what he might have come up with. I really think he makes me a better writer.

About a week or so ago, Paul and I decided on an artist for our comic book, PowerSquared. There is some paperwork and process to be figured out and agreed to, but I think we're really close to getting started. Now, of course there are still a lot of other steps to be taken, but it feels like we're on our way at last.

The Trophy Unlocked blog has been getting more page views recently, which is nice. Even though some new posts still get about 30 to 40 page views, the blog itself has had over 4800 page views this past month. I'm always fascinated when some older post suddenly gets a lot of page views. For some reason G.I. Joe Retaliation, which was posted in 2013, had the most views this past week.

Tried something different this week. I was feeling under the weather all weekend and didn't want to spend the time reposting the new review, Dave (1993), in its entirety on TCM's Classic Film Union, so I simply posted a link to the review on Trophy Unlocked. I'm not totally surprised, but the page views there have not translated into page views on Trophy Unlocked. We all know how hard it is to follow a link.

Wrote a future review for Westworld (1973), about 2000 words, over the weekend. Will post it soon.

Our next post will be the 650th review on the blog, so I hope everyone will take a look when it's posted next Saturday.

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