Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Week in Writing #63

I was right that it was hard to write with the time change. Ten at night feels like eleven and when I want to be really cranking, I was having trouble staying awake.

Did update my query list, mostly marking the two remaining queries with No Response. Always disappointing to do that, but I was pretty sure I was never going to hear back from them. Spent some time looking through the new agents on Query Tracker. Thought I'd found a promising one for about five minutes. He represents mysteries, but he doesn't want anything that might offend Christian values in any way (language, sexuality, violence). Sort of goes against everything I write when it comes to mysteries.

Spent my part of my writing time prepping Trophy Unlocked for the coming months, editing and adding photos to the four reviews I plan to post. Decided to stay with silent films and review some comedy shorts. Posted the first on Saturday, A Submarine Pilot (1915). What made this short interesting to me in the first place was that it starred and was directed by Syd Chaplin, Charlie's half-brother.

Pitched a TV show this past week, which was something new for me. Lionsgate, where I work, is launching an as yet unnamed Comic-Con channel and I was in the room with the new head of  original programming development. He asked if anyone knew anyone with any ideas and I had one. After the meeting, I told him my idea and followed that up the next morning with a more formal pitch and treatment. The idea is a reality show with the goal of creating one or more unique comic books and hopefully making some writers' and artists' dreams come true.  He said it was a good idea, but it's too soon to know if it will go anywhere.

Did hear back from my editor, though still no pages to work on yet. Have a couple of reviews I want to write, one for the new Bond film, which I saw this weekend, and another for an old Cagney film we watched on Friday, until there are edits.

Am very anxious to get back to the J.D. Barrister character. Not only the book my editor has and the oft put off Familiar Stranger, but something new. Spent most of Saturday on a long hike up the Canyon Trail up to the Hollywood Sign and exploring the Bronson Caves. Would love to work them into a story.

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