Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Week in Writing #43

This week was harder than most to find the time to write. I've gotten so I try to write for about a half hour in the morning before getting ready for work and about an hour or so in the evening. Sometimes, if inspired, I'll make notes about a story or write on one before going to bed, as was the case with the comic book, but that's really an exception.

It's the evening session that I would prefer to do as early as possible, since it can easily slip to ten at night and then it's sort of sleeping at the laptop most nights. This past week, an outside project had delayed me getting home and the evening session had slipped to late night, which is sadly never all that productive.

Did manage though to write the two reviews I had said I would work on, though Danger Signal had slipped to Saturday morning. I did type up most of the comic book script during the week, but I didn't finish that until Sunday morning. There'll be a few rounds of rewrites, but it's nice to get the first draft done.

Published one review for Nora Prentiss on Saturday, which is the day I try to publish. I realize many blogs post something daily, but I don't write fast enough to pull that off, nor do I want to just make a post for the sake of making a post.

Was able to sign up for the Comic Creator Connection at this year's Comic Con. I get nervous about such things, so it's good to have it squared away. This will be my fourth CCC, so I'm a little apprehensive as well as excited at the opportunity.

Next week will be a short one for me, writing wise. Have an out of town event to attend to, so I'm basically losing Friday, Saturday and a good chunk of Sunday. In two weeks, with Comic Con, I'll lose five. I still plan to post, but it'll be harder those weeks.

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