Sunday, August 2, 2020

A Week in Writing #310 - Tough Getting Back to Reality

It's always tough coming back to reality after attending Comic-Con, even a virtual one, like last week's Comic-Con@Home. This year it was a little easier, obviously, but it always makes me want to be doing something more than I'm doing. Something, you know, more visible. I still have that desire to be on a panel someday.

I approached my print-on-demand provider about the idea of working on a table/booth with them. They had mentioned the desire to do more Cons and there is nothing like the present to think about next year. I'm hopeful they'll want to do something and we can tag on that. Plan B, which we may have to start before they do, is to try and get a table in Artist Alley. Writer and letterer are categories,  so I'm hopeful if we all go for one, we'll maybe get one.

Every weekend, I write the newsletter for Powers Squared. The first of the month is sort of our Illustrated Supplement, with more photos and more features. We have been on the outlook for Creative Twins and when we don't get volunteers we have to find them on the internet, which is more work. And, every first of the month, I have to come up with a new poll question for the website. I'd love it if it weren't for naught, so I encourage you, dear reader, to check it out at and vote.

One of our weekly features is a peek-of-the-week, an image from an upcoming issue. When looking for one in Issue #10, I found a coloring error that Paul and I had missed. Luckily, Julia, our new colorist, was willing to take on fixing it for us.

If you're ever curious about the newsletter, please sign up at

In other writing, work continues on the rewrite of The Runaway. I'm in the final stretch with I think less than 50 pages to go. I am a little disappointed that the word count hasn't really gone up, that was part of the reason for the write. I'm still just below 90,000 words. I think after that, I'm going to put it away for a while and get back in earnest with trying to query Broken People.

I did have an idea that I played around with this weekend and did what would amount to the first 1800 words or so. I'm trying to think about setting the next J.D. Barrister book post-pandemic since I don't see a private investigator getting much work during a pandemic, or how he could do the job without taking a great risk of illness and/or death. So, this bit would be his going back to his office for the first time in months and finding that his next-door neighbor wants to hire him. I haven't gotten into the particulars of what the case would be, just introducing the new character and the situation.

Worked a little with Paul brainstorming some ideas about a script he was writing. It's always nice to give back and I hope I helped him.

Spent some time this week trying to prep for a slew of reviews that are scheduled over the next few weeks on Trophy Unlocked. I usually post about new reviews on Facebook and Twitter but also post them on Pinterest as well. This is something I try to squeeze in between walking in the morning and getting ready for work. The less I have to do in the mornings, especially looking up metadata and photos, the better, so I think I'm squared away for now.

I wrote two reviews this weekend, one for the Woody Allen film we watched on Friday, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, but also one for The Girl From Missouri (1934), a Jean Harlow film that we watched during our drain the DVR Saturday night. However, no new reviews for me on the blog. On Wednesday, it was Star Fox Adventures, a video game reviewed by Trevor and Saturday was Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie, a TV movie also reviewed by Trevor. I'm not sure when I'll be back on the blog, but I've got all five Saturdays in October leading up to and including Halloween, the event not the movie.

Well, that about does it for me. Keep writing and I'll see you again next week.

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