Sunday, August 11, 2019

A Week in Writing #259 - Windows 10

We're coming up on 5 years of me doing this little-read blog about my writing, and if you have been with me throughout that time, I hope you've found it interesting. We're still a couple of weeks out, even though the numbering would suggest it's next week (Let's do the math 260/5=52), which would suggest the 8/18 even though the date of the first post was 9/1. Either the calendar Gods are playing tricks on me or I've misnumbered one or two of these, which I really doubt, so it is the calendar Gods. A-ha!

Speaking of writing, I have tried to spend some time every day working on The Runaway. I'm sure you've had the occasion to realize that you needed to plant something earlier in a story, which I spent sometime this week doing. So while I may not have made all the progress I wanted, I am working on it.

My querying this week was nil and that's not due to anything more than the graphic novel. I've been finding time on Saturday nights to send them out but this week, I was spending Saturday night in a vain attempt to upload a 110 page .pdf file, more on that below.

I've been working this past week on the Graphic Novel version of Powers Squared that Artithmeric has been after us to create. And then I spent a lot of Saturday turning tiffs into jpegs and then 110 jpegs into a final .pdf file. None of that is really hard to do, but it is time-consuming. And then there are the last-minute changes, such as the name for the graphic novel, which wasn't decided upon until Saturday and then there are the occasional typos I found, which are, of course, momentary show stoppers. And then, there is the fun of uploading the .pdf, which took more than one attempt. After three attempts, and the upload reaching 100% and staying there for over an hour and 15 minutes, I gave up. I'm not a patient person to begin with, but I can't hack something staying in that status for that long. So, despite the effort, no completion this week. (Editor's Note: I was able to finish the upload on Sunday morning using a different website but that's a tale for next week.)

Since I was doing a lot of the uploading while watching a preseason football game, it reminded me that I'm not really looking forward to football season this year. Sundays have become a very busy day for me. I've had this blog post to do, but now we're also doing a YouTube video and a newsletter. Spending three-plus hours on a football game just seems to be a little over-the-top time-wise. I only follow one team in one sport, the Dallas Cowboys (I'm from Dallas), and even though I hope they do well, I'm not looking forward to the time-suck these games will be. And, if they lose, they're a colossal waste of time.

This week, for the sake of the YouTube channel and in order to use a new Stream Deck we purchased, I had to upgrade to Windows 10. Interesting way to find out I had over 41 GB of downloads on my C drive, mostly related to Powers Squared but you never know. I decided to save them to a thumb drive, you know just in case I realize I need one of them. That took several hours and delayed the actual upgrade from Friday to Saturday night.

The upgrade seemed to go well and I'm now a Windows 10 user. Paul and I (mostly Paul) are still figuring out the Stream Deck and all, but I do think it will be a benefit to the YouTube channel. Now if we can only get more people to watch.

Rachel was very busy this week, sending us two sets of thumbnails for Issue #12 pages 9 through 16. As usual, she had some very good ideas about improving the flow and as is usual, Paul and I agreed with what she was going for. As is common, we liked some from one version and some from the other. Some pages are all A or all B, but many are combos.

On Saturday night (her Sunday morning), she sent us thumbnails for the mascot which will be used on the newsletter and t-shirt (mentioned above). We're hoping that a college shirt would be a cool merchandising opportunity for people to buy and wear. We're opening up the school colors to the readers of the newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

I had a couple of ideas for new reviews but didn't get to any this week. I did finally publish my review of The Stratton Story as Trophy Unlocked's Saturday Morning Review. Nice to get something out after so long. I like that the blog isn't dependent on me for the weekly review.

I do plan to work on a couple this week. We've been watching some older films of late, neither of which have proven to be all that good, which is always a disappointment.

For the rest of the week, I'd like to spend it on rewrites and queries. I don't want to let my muse down.

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