Sunday, July 7, 2019

A Week in Writing #254

Some weeks, I feel like all I really do is work on Powers Squared. It's not that I have anything against it, it's that I also have other interests and writing projects but it seems when I take a long look at the end of the week, all or most of what I have accomplished relates to the comic book.

The week started with new thumbnails from Rachel regarding the first eight pages of Issue #12, which are actually two separate versions of each page and each panel. Paul and I went through them and made choices between A and B versions. Issue #12 is the concluding chapter of What's in a Name? which started with Issue #10.

Trevor, who still has a fractured arm, managed to letter the first four pages of Issue #11 after Nina sent us those pages last week. He has four more to go.

We're still moving ahead, though slowly, with the Kickstarter. We're looking at other things to offer besides digital and printed versions of the issues. One of the items we're considering are stickers and we took advantage of an offer from Sticker Mule to test drive a set of 10 for only $1. They'll look like this:

Theoretically, we could also do a magnet of the same design. Thoughts?

Something that we might also consider would be graphic novels made from previous issues. Our print-on-demand provider would like us to make them and is sending us a sample in the post. Depending on what it looks like, we may offer them as well.

We're prepping to attend San Diego Comic-Con the week after next. Planning both fun and educational programs to attend. Interested in ones that will help grow our lists and sales. It can be a very slow process. As an example, this past week, we ran a Facebook ad to try to boost a post related to signing up for our newsletter and we're offering, in return, a free copy of our first issue. It's a little frustrating with the results. As of this writing, the post has been seen by over 1400 people and over 229 likes on Instagram, but the result has been only one new signup.

Speaking of Comic-Con, wanted to let you know that everything will be delayed a day as a result, both the weekly email about Powers Squared and this blog post. No time to do it on Sunday after returning, so Monday will be packed with trying to get everything out. As per usual, this post will be a Report from the Front and will detail my experiences at the Con.

There was also some writing progress made on The Runaway, though not as much as I would have liked. I didn't really work on it past Tuesday night.

I'm sort of feeling like I need to divide up my writing time so that not everything I do is Powers Squared related. I know with Comic-Con coming up and a Kickstarter to plan that might be wishful thinking, but I'd like to maybe only spend one or two nights a week solely on the comic book and the other two or so on other writing, like The Runaway and reviews for Trophy Unlocked. I also need to send more queries or this will forever be just an avocation.

I also need to call the editor on Familiar Stranger. I'd like to say I'll do it this week, but I know I've said it before.

Did manage a new review for Trophy Unlocked, Spider-Man Far From Home, which came out this past week. Hope you'll check it out.

So, until next week. Keep writing.

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