Sunday, April 7, 2019

A Week in Writing #241 - Short Trips and the Effect on Writing

It will probably come as no surprise to anyone that travel and writing don't always go hand in hand. Case in point, my own recent trip this past week to Texas to attend my mother's 95th birthday party.  Not only is there some prep time required, but there is also the travel part. I don't know about you but I can't write on an airplane. Not that I couldn't think of something to write, but the small trays they give you don't really allow you to set up any sort of laptop on them. I may be a pantser, but I need a computer to write on.

While visiting family, writing is never on anyone's mind but yours unless you come from a family of writers and I'm sure even then there is the general sense that you're supposed to put your writing on hold. If you ever get the time it's doubtful there is any place to actually do the work. That's certainly the case when we go back to visit my mother. When there is time, there is no place to actually do it, unless of course, you can use the edge of a bed for a desk. (Hint: I can not.)

All of this is to explain the rather small output this past week from me.

I might have managed maybe 250 words on The Runaway, which is negligible, especially for a blog called 1000 Words a Day, but that's all I had time for, I'm afraid. And, of course, no word on Familiar Stranger. No new queries and no new rejections, so there are still two out there but I need to do more.

This week, no new reviews from me but that does not mean there was nothing up on Trophy Unlocked. Trevor wrote an April Fool's review for Sly Cooper and the King of Thieves, a long-awaited, though never released, sequel to Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. We also published his real review of Shazam!, a film that we saw a couple of weeks ago at a preview screening; one that we paid to attend.

Of the time I had for writing, Powers Squared seemed to take most of it. The night before we were going to leave, I spent most of the time adjusting the DPI on two issues, #6 and #7, that I had submitted to Ka-Blam. Apparently, when I shrank them to fit the printer's template, I also managed to reduce the DPI to 72 when it should be 300. After figuring out how to make that adjustment, I updated about 44 pages and resubmitted the two issues. Still waiting on the printing, but I'm going to have to reorder more, possibly before I know how well it came out, so I can get them ready for our scheduled signing on May 4th.

Wrote a press release during the week to send to the colleges the boys attended, Pierce College and CSUN, that are also nearby Galaxy of Comics, where the signing will take place. We also want to see if Warren at GOC would want to add to it or not. We'll have to approach him later in the week.

Despite our travels, Paul and I did our usual weekly vlog on our YouTube Channel. We're tired, but the show must go on, as they say.

Rachel also sent us thumbnails for the first 8 pages of Issue #11, so Paul and I spent part of Monday night going through them, choosing A or B versions as we did. This is the second issue in the story arc and as always, it's really great to see the story come to life through her drawings.

We also encouraged her to help us with adding names to our mailing list. Not sure if she's done that yet. One of the things we did back in Texas was to ask some of our relatives to sign up for the mailing list. So here comes the pitch to you, the reader. We would like you to sign up as well on It will be the usual stuff about the comic book, but it will be mailed to you with links. Hope you sign up.

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