Sunday, January 14, 2018

A Week in Writing #177

Sometimes this blog feels like the excuse of the week and sadly this one is no different. And here's one that you wouldn't necessarily associate with writing: rain. Seems we had a few hours of rain on Tuesday morning here in Los Angeles where I live. That morning, we discovered a bit of water in the ceiling of our bathrooms.

While I went up that morning, in the dark and in the rain, to throw a tarp over that part of the roof, it was really the night that got away from me. Had to rent a dehumidifier to make sure the water was dried and go up on the roof again with Henry's to try and patch up what I thought was the issue. (Turns out it wasn't, but amateur home repair is a subject for a different kind of blog.) Then there was returning the dehumidifier the next evening and a couple of nights were sort of blown through as far as writing goes.

That said, there was still some progress made. I did work some on Familiar Stranger. I'm still in that section where I've punted before, so I'm trying to take it carefully. Worried that I'm being too dependent on dialogue, but I'm thinking that's what editing is for. And despite all the rewrites, that's still the next step in the process.

Our artist on Powers Squared sent us two sets of thumbnails for the first eight pages of Issue #6. Very interesting to see it coming together, even at such an early stage of the process. Makes you think about things big and small, like adding sound effects, etc. We'll see how it comes along from here, but it is encouraging.

We haven't heard anything from the editor at Comixology yet. This was supposed to be his first week back at work, so I'll be bugging him next week and will report back here next week on what happens (or doesn't).

Spent more time this week on reviews. Finishing and publishing about 5200 words on the Marx Brothers' The Cocoanuts (1929), their first film for Paramount on Trophy Unlocked. Worked a little more on a future review of Pacific Rim and another one on The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934). I'm about 1500 words into the latter. We also published another review this week, a review of Undertale for PS4.

So, hopefully, no more excuses for not writing more next week.

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