Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Week in Writing #143

Well, I think I set the expectation bar appropriately low for this week in my last blog post. This wasn't really a week to concentrate on writing. In the balancing act between work, family and writing, this was definitely a family week. I had the pleasure to watch both of my sons walk across the stage at their college graduations from CSUN; Trevor's on Friday and Paul's on Saturday.

My luck that the temperature spiked about twenty degrees over the weekend; Oh the joys of living in the San Fernando Valley. It wasn't just the five hours or so each night we spent waiting for their names to be called, but it was also prepping for post-graduation parties with errands to run and cleaning to do. One of those weeks that puts writing into perspective. It's important to me, but not the only thing that is or the most important aspect of my life.

As I predicted, got very little writing done as a result. Managed to complete the review of Dance, Fools, Dance, but that was about it. Did publish the usual Saturday Morning review, this week The Lady Vanishes (1938), directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It was one that I had already prepped as a fall back, because I didn't have any time to prep a new one.

Progress was made on Powers Squared despite my being otherwise occupied. Our colorist continued her usual good work and is up to page 16 on Issue #3. She's come across the same issue that stopped our artist in his tracks for about a month. There is a car that is just not right. While we finally got him to fix one issue, it's brought up another for her. We're hoping she can make the fixes that she thinks are appropriate.

Our artist, meanwhile, has moved on to the cover of Issue #3 and is working on Issue #4. I think he's finally got it that we want him to turn around four pages a week. The slow down, at least this week, is totally on our side. We managed to squeeze in comments between ceremonies, but I think we're like three emails down as of this writing.

Trevor, our letterer, managed a few pages this week, despite his own graduation.

Started the submission process on Sunday afternoon for Powers Squared #1. Maybe being fatigued wasn't the best mindset to be in. The goal was to upload the first two issues, but we only got as far as Issue #1. There are only so many times you can think up a hopefully witty short description that doesn't give too much of the story away. I couldn't face doing Issue #2 this afternoon and didn't really have the time what with other priorities that were put off this weekend. Somehow the process seemed too arduous; wasn't expecting to have to do a W-9. Makes sense, but didn't anticipate that. We agreed to finish it tomorrow night.

Hopefully next week we can get back on schedule.

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