Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Week in Writing #142

This week wasn't, and next week doesn't promise to be, big weeks in writing. Every so often events come up that take almost all of your time and effort. The holidays are one example, so is Comic-Con, but this year there is also college graduations and the party that follows to get ready for. As such, most of the waking hours on the weekends have been devoted to getting the house ready for the party, as both of my sons will be graduating from college one day apart, this coming Friday and Saturday, so I get to play proud parents rather than wannabe writer. I'm sort of squeezing this out during a lull in the activity.

To top that off, I'm going through a bit of a wait-fest. As an example, with my novel, I haven't heard back from my editor. I know he's still alive, because I've seen him mentioned on Facebook, so that's no excuse. I haven't heard back from the agent who rejected me, but frankly, I would be totally surprised if I did.

With the comic book, more waiting. On Monday, we sent our completed Second Issue to be reviewed. Heard back that he would get back to us soon, but after a week I get worried as to what "soon" means. And to top it off, haven't heard from our artist since I last paid him. Not happy about that. He's supposed to do two pages a week and five days later, nothing. Making me reconsider our creative team if things don't improve and soon.

The bright spot with that has been the colorist who delivered her four pages this week, That means in a few weeks she will lap our artist.

Did a tiny bit of writing on Familiar Stranger, just enough to finish the chapter I was working on. Don't want to go big guns on it if there isn't going to be any time.

Didn't really have time to complete a new review this week either. Started one for Dance, Fools, Dance (1931), but I'm only a thousand words into it. That will probably be my goal for the week; getting that one done. Did publish on the Saturday morning review: Of Human Bondage (1934), so something happened.

It's all a balancing act between work, family and writing. Sometimes the pendulum swings one way and sometimes the other. This week it is definitely swinging away from the writing, but in a week or so it will swing back the other way. At least I hope.

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