Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Week in Writing #111

There was some hurry up and wait this week. As I mentioned last week, we were going to have a phone call on Tuesday with someone to discuss PowerSquared. Sadly, that didn't happen when it was scheduled due to his being under the weather. It was disappointing, to say the least, but that's life. Sometimes things happen. He's promised to reschedule when he's back from New York Comic Con next week.

Still in a holding pattern when it comes to getting other feedback, but hopefully we can follow up again with everyone else next week.

My day job did affect my writing this week, as I brought home some work to go through a couple of the evenings this past week. Again, sometimes you can't help other things from interfering with creative time.

Started the week with some updates on the comic book, but then waited most of the week to get additional pages from the artist and the colorist. The artist has done layouts and pencils for pages 13 to 15, while the colorist is still working on page 6. A lot of hurry up and wait with him this week, as pages are promised, but not delivered. Need to do some edits on the current script before lettering gets underway as changes have been made to the story as visuals have been added and dialogue might get moved and changed.

My other writing also involved the comic book. Anticipating that we'll do a second PowerSquared story, I've been working trying to edit the next script to page and panels and trying to edit down dialogue to fit better.

Published the review of Re-Animator on Trophy Unlocked as our tribute to Horror films continues through the month of October. Started a new review for The Angry Red Planet, but didn't get as far as I wanted. Again, real life getting in the way, as I had some "handyman" work I needed to do at home. Never get to as much around the house as I need to. I like to think I have a writer's lawn, which means a lot of dead grass and dirt.

Not sure what the next week has in store. Want to get more work done on the comic book, of course, but I want to get to more done on other writing as well.

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