Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Week in Writing #67

The holidays are starting to click into high gear, post Thanksgiving, which means less time for writing (everything means less time for writing). But you have to stay true to your work, which I've tried to do, tried being the key word.

Did some more rewrites on Public and Private based on feedback from my editor. So far, for the most part, these have been grammatical, but I'm pretty sure that may change as we get further into the book. This is the aspect of rewrites I don't mind, which is trying to make the book and its story better.

Also made some progress on the comic book, as we have begun to receive a sample page, at least from one artist. So far, his effort has been really good. Want to hold off going too far with him until we see if any other artists send one in.

And there is the blog, Trophy Unlocked, which is sort of its own writing challenge this month. I have to review five movies in four weeks. Not sure how the posts are going to work, but I'll either be posting two one week or posting during the week. We've decided (and it's a group decision) to devote December not to Christmas films, as we've done in years prior, but to visions of light sabers as, like everyone else, we get caught up in the hype that is Star Wars. I'm going to be reviewing the "middle" original trilogy and the new film, but we started with Star Wars: Clone Wars, a 2003 animated TV series directed by Genndy Tartakovsky and edited into two "films".

I feel like the rest of week will be filled with Star Wars, as I'm currently working on a review of that film, having recently watched a VHS tape of the original un-enhanced version. So much to write about. I'm only about 1600 words in and have just started to deal with the actual story. Hopefully, the force will be with me and let me complete it sooner than later.

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