Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Week in Writing #44

I believe it was John Lennon who wrote that life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. I was all prepared and had even written this blog because I was expecting an abbreviated week. The plan was to be on the road Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But we had car troubles and had to limp home on Friday afternoon; that's life as they say.

Disappointed about having our plans fall through, I took advantage of the gift of time and wrote two reviews, one for They Won't Believe Me (1947), about 2300 words, and another for Hollow Triumph (1947), also about 2300 words. These will hopefully appear in the next few weeks.

Did post two reviews, Inside Out (2015) and Danger Signal (1945), the latter from the TCM Summer of Darkness. I'm going to have to hustle next week to get another Film Noir review in. Travelling is also knocking a hole in watching movies.

In prep for what I hope is query weekend over the 4th, I checked to see if there were any new agents on QueryTracker and found a lot of Australian activity, which is good for the site, but does me no good. Even Canadian agents are reticent about taking on non-Canadians. In the month or so since I've looked, there hasn't been much activity.

I also checked Chuck Sambuchino’s Guide to Literary Agents Blog, where the editor at Writer's Digest regularly interviews new Agents. What does it say that I've already been rejected out right by two of the agents he's showing as new? One of them from earlier in June rejected me last year.

Did finish another draft of the next comic book adventure for PowerSquared, which I think is the 11th story arc. Only missing an artist to bring it to life. Paul had some pretty good ideas on what was lacking in the first go-round. Really improved it, I believe.

Also worked on the next hand out for the Comic Creator Connection. We're attending Thursday night's meet up. Hoping the fourth time's the charm as far as meeting someone. You're supposed to have something to hand out and exchange with the artists. Sadly, many of the artists don't come as prepared as they should. I think last time they were pulling them off the floor, since several didn't have art samples or handouts. You never know what you'll get from year to year. But I will write about that adventure after Comic Con. My annual Report from the Front will be here, though I don't think they will be as elaborate as in the past.

Next week, I'm planning to get back to Familiar Stranger unless I hear from my editor on Public and Private. It's been a little over a month since I sent him the manuscript a second time. I'm sure he's busy with his own life, maybe he had car trouble. I mean, it does happen.

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