Sunday, December 17, 2023

A Week in Writing #487 - Here Come the Holidays, Ready or Not

Hope everyone is staying safe, and, of course, writing.

Christmas is almost upon us, and, if you're like me, you let yourself listen to holiday music and watch Christmas films. We did that this past Friday, and watched a film that gets listed on some drive-by Christmas film lists, You've Got Mail.  I won't spoil how I felt about it, but I did just finish a review of it for Trophy Unlocked. It might be considered a holiday film since it came out on December 18, 1998, even though the holiday only gets a passing reference. Well, you'll have to wait for my review but you can read my review of Fitzwilly (1967), which went up on Saturday morning.

Our Friday On the Air with Powers Squared was supposed to feature an interview with a comic book creator in Australia, someone we've had on the show five times previously, but he cancelled on us on Thursday. Instead, we shifted to The Last Kids on Earth, the TV series, which we had just finished watching, not on Netflix but on these things called DVDs. You can listen to our discussion here or watch it on Wednesday when it goes up on YouTube.

Did receive new pages for Powers Squared this week; three instead of four, but you got to count what you have. I had done some rather bad thumbnails for the pages, which the artist did a pretty good job of adapting. This is the beginning of Issue #26, which I wrote. It's called The Great Escape. And if all goes well, we're talking 2025 before anyone will probably see it. Talk about planning ahead.

I will admit I'm a little more frustrated with the progress of the books, which seem to be more hit and miss from art to lettering. I got spoiled when 8 pages a month was almost an automatic. Now, it takes more patience to get what we can get. I'm really not a patient person by nature. Read into that what you will.

I did have some time this past week to work on Skylar. I'm just getting to a new patch in the story. But it's too soon to get into word counts, as that number really hasn't changed much yet. But if you push me, it's north of 68,000 but short of where it needs to get. I will say that I'm enjoying working on it more and hope with time off from work, I'll be able to work on it when I'm fully awake, rather than trying to squeeze it in after dinner and before bed every night. But with the holidays, plans can go out the window.

Well, that about does it for me. Keep writing and I'll see back here next week.

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