Sunday, July 9, 2023

A Week in Writing #464 - Blame the Fireworks

Hope everyone is staying safe, and, of course, writing.

I can't say that this was a banner week for me. Maybe it was the holiday, but I don't think I ever got this week fully off the ground.

Tuesday evening had a lot of promise but blame fireworks for what didn't happen. On that night, about a dozen of teenagers/young adults descended on our neighborhood and took over the intersection a house down from mine. To make a long story short, things got out of hand and the police were called. I'll admit I was surprised at the response, but about five cars showed up.

A couple of the culprits tried to hide out next to one of our neighbor's houses. One neighbor, whose involvement prompted me to call, had video of the shennigans but it took up most of the evening and I didn't get back to writing, as it was already a quarter to 11, which is about the time I'm wrapping things up.

As for the rest of the week, I don't think I have all that much to show for it. I didn't even send out a new query this week, just to show you what it was like for me. I keep getting a late start and never get anything done. I did research some potential agents but by the time I was ready to send something, it was already after 11 and I wasn't up to it.

I also didn't do a review this week. Oh, I wanted to and we were all watching The Woman on the Beach, but even though there was about half an hour to go on the recording, it stopped at about 48 minutes in. And, though I looked, the film wasn't available anywhere to stream; another damnation of the streaming present: Not all films are available to watch. Granted the recording was pretty old, 2015, but I guess I assumed it would still play. I'm wondering now about even older recordings I've been saving. They're probably junk as well. If that's true then draining the DVR won't take as long as I once feared.

Trophy Unlocked didn't wait for me though, and there was a new review out on Saturday morning, Paul's for An American Tail.

Spent a good deal of time the last few days on SDCC, which opens in about ten days. Everyday since Thursday, they've been releasing their program schedule for that day. I'm looking for panels that will "educate" me about whatever it is I'm doing, but I'm sure there are ones I've missed, it's the same thing every year. The other thing about a schedule is that there are always compromises that have to be made as you go along so everything I've earmarked will not come to fruition for me, that's just how it is. Unfortunately, there can be two programs at the same time and I can't be in two places at once. And sometimes, they're too far away (Library) to make it to the next one, etc. As always, I'll write a Report from the Front the Monday I get back.

I look forward to going every year, though I still like I'm a spectator and not really a part of it. I really want to change that and am hoping to make next year the breakthrough year. The only "major" con left this year is LA Comic Con, but it comes at that very awkward time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so attending it is problematic for me. We'll see.

We had a fairly good conversation with the creatives on Powers Squared about A.I. in Media on our podcast on Friday. You can listen to it now at or watch it on Wednesday evening (after 2:30 pm PT) here: It's a link to the YouTube channel on our website.

Next week, we'll be talking about Comic Con at 6 pm PT and the week after (same time same channel) the women of Powers Squared will be doing the show without us. Those have been some of my favorite shows in the past.

The one thing I think I did do was finish a first draft of the Pilot script. A first draft for me includes several edits but I'm think I'm ready to share. I think it's pretty good, but I'm a bad judge. I'm sure there are things that still need to be fixed with it.

Well, that's about it for me. Keep writing and I'll see you next week.

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