Sunday, June 11, 2023

A Week in Writing #460 - New Issue Dropping

Hope everyone is staying safe, and, of course, writing.

This is really a week that Powers Squared has dominated. We have a new issue dropping next Wednesday, Issue #17 Mocha and Raven, Part 2, so I've been busy with that project this week. I sent out a press release to about a dozen outlets and as far as I know, the only one to post it was First Comic Newswhich has been friendly to us since the beginning. With a few exceptions, they've been our main outlet in the comic news forum and they've also reviewed all of our issues. The latest review came out this week. You can read it here if you want. It wasn't quite as positive as I would have liked, but beggars can't be choosers, I think the saying goes.

There's also been the fun of getting a correction page submitted for this issue. While we can control what's on GlobalComix and Kindle, the other plaforms are not the same. We managed to get Artithmeric, our British-based platform, on board but I'm not sure about IndyPlanet. My panicked messages, I don't believe, have been answered, so while it may very well appear on their site on the right date, I don't know if it will have the corrected page or not.

We're also onboarding a new colorist, Jen Moreno, whom we plan to introduce on our show next Friday. Our artist, Julia Canon, has been helping getting her onto our Discord group and attached to our Dropbox. I was also trying to make available to her the 17 issues we've released, so I had the pleasure of making new .pdfs of some of the older ones that we've updated since. Not hard work, but time consuming nonetheless. But it had to be done.

Our OAPS podcast this past Friday was all about the book, with Rachel Wells and Julia Canon joining Trevor, Paul and myself to discuss. The idea is that the video of our show will drop on the same day as the issue, Wednesday. If you can wait, you can watch it here on Wednesday.

In the meantime, we released the fourth Galco's taste test video. In this one, Paul reviews some Japanese drinks that we bought there. That's up now and available on our YouTube channel.

Trophy Unlocked was particularly busy this week with four, starting with Trevor's second look at Transformers: Age of Extinction on Monday and his second look at Transformers: The Last Knight on Wedneday. Both were our way of leading up to Thursday's was his review of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, the new film which we saw at a preview on Wednesday night. Number four was a major change of direction; the Saturday morning review was mine of Julie & Julia (2009).

I've written a new review this weekend for One Way Passage (1932), a William Powell - Kay Francis pre-code comedy/drama. Part of draining the DVR with no date set for when it will be released.

No new rejections, at least that I've been made aware of, this week and I did send out a new query per the schedule on Thursday.

While Wednesday was fun, it's all about time as that night was pretty much gone by the time we got home. Not that I didn't enjoy the film and being out with the family, but there are only so many hours in the day and something has to give. I'm sorry to report that Skylar is what got squeezed out; sorry.

Next week, besides Skylar, I want to get back to the pilot outline. But, of course, there will be a lot of updates to the website and social media posts during the week leading up to the release of "Mocha and Raven, Part 2".

Well, that about does it for me. Keep writing and I'll see you next week.

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