Sunday, July 17, 2022

A Week in Writing #413 - Prepping for the Task Ahead

Hope everyone is staying safe, and, of course, writing.

Coming up next week is SDCC 2022, or what is also known as Comic-Con. For those who have never been, the convention is a blur of activity with exclusives, panels, autographs, and announcements all seemingly overlapping to the point that you can never see it all, try as you might.

Around my house there is at least two weeks of prep, going through all the posts about what is coming to San Diego and trying to figure out who will go do what (panel, signing) while we're there. I want to mix professional learning with fun and networking, which in our house takes a series of spreadsheets and a planning session or two. Not to mention the nightly bleery-eyed meetings to plan the attack for the next day when we're there.

I wrote last week about my apprehensions with the new COVID variant but we're going anyway. If you want to think happy thoughts about us while we're there, please do. I have to think we'll come out of this clean or clear, after the app of the same name.

If you're going, I'll be the one wearing a Powers Squared t-shirt, so if you are, say hello if you see me.

In the spirit of Comic-Con, we had artist and creator Don Nguyen on our podcast, On the Air with Powers Squared. Unlike us, Don has a table at the con in Artist Alley. We did apply but we were turned down due to the backlog from the previous canceled SDCCs in 2020 and 2021. I imagine it's a very different experience but one that we'll need to do eventually if we want to play in the big leagues. I always feel like we're just a step or two away from something happening.

On the subject of Powers Squared, our latest issue dropped this past Wednesday; Issue #13, The Imposter, Part 1. (The link will take you to where you can buy it.) Releasing printed comic books in this day and age is harder than you'd think, what with paper shortages. One of the platforms we use is backlogged to the point that they couldn't guarantee it would be up on their site, even with two weeks' notice, so we're only up on three out of the four we usually work with. I checked as I'm writing this and it is still not up and they're closing shop and will be at SDCC as well.

Had a learning experience with proofs. One set, from the other print platform, took over two months to get the proofs to us and it was only then that we saw the error in our ways. Apparently, I had included two of the same page in the pdf so there were three blank pages at the end of the issue, including the back cover. Thankfully, it is not an issue that we're releasing in the near future so we can make the change.

While it might seem like we're only doing Comic-Con prep, that would be wrong.

During this past week, I did send out a new query for Broken People, my Thursday night chore. I also messed around a little more with the opening chapter. I'm sure that is not the right thing to do but I decided that I could make it better, so I did. I still need to rewrite the synopsis, which would open up more query options for the book. I did remove one from my list as a DNR, as their prescribed time period had expired.

I also managed to make some headway with fka Skylar, though I think I'm updating some backstory ideas I have for it, all of which I think will make it better and have a better twist at the end. So, the word count will come; trust me.

I also wrote a review for Blast of Silence, which I realized was a leftover from some Christmas holiday recording and part of the Drain the DVR campaign. Not sure when that will come out. As I mentioned last week, we're good with Christmas movies for a couple of seasons and we're not in a rush to put this one out.

My review of Jingle All the Way was the Saturday Morning Review on Trophy Unlocked. We decided to give in to the inevitable pressure from Hallmark and acknowledge Christmas in July. No game review this week but that feature will return next week.

Let's talk next week, while we're on the subject. Writing, including this blog, will go on hiatus from Wednesday until Sunday, so I probably won't get a lot of work done before we leave; no film reviews will be written and no queries will be sent. On Monday, I will, however, publish a Report From the Front, detailing my experiences at Comic-Con and any pertinent information I might have learned while attending.

So, until then, keep writing and I'll see you next week.

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