Sunday, June 14, 2020

A Week in Writing #303 - A Star is Born?

Pardon the subtitle but I wanted to promote my subtle narration of Who is Uncle Brian? the latest Powers Squared video on our YouTube channel. I'm pretty sure no one will mistake me for James Earl Jones, but it was something that had to be done. We do things like that, hoping people will watch, like and listen, so I'm hoping you, dear reader, will do the same. If you like it, leave a comment, or if you feel like my microphone should be taken away, well, keep that to yourself.

While all the videos are on our channel, I've also added them to the Powers Squared website, so you watch them there as well. They're under the character headings and you'll find five of them have videos: Marty, Eli, Jennifer, Mocha, and now Uncle Brian. We're planning on doing more in the near future.

So, shameless plug over with for this week, let's talk writing. Since we're on the subject of Powers Squared (aren't we every week?) let's start there.

Our artist, Rachel Wells, started work on Issue #15, How They Met. So the week has been filled with thumbnails and pencils. We like working with her because she has good ideas and easy to work with. We did ask for some revisions, but they were mostly cosmetic in nature, not to take away from her art. And while she doesn't do the coloring, she does color the initial character designs and we wanted some revisions on a couple of them, which she turned around rather quickly.

As with any artwork, Paul and I sit down and go over it. Since some of the art had to do with animals, we brought in Trevor, who likes drawing wildlife, to consult, helping us to word what we want to have changed. I barely know writing terms, let alone how to communicate with an artist on something, so it's nice to have a resident familiar with the terms.

I worked this week making revisions to the script for the story arc after How They Met, titled Mocha and Raven. I hadn't touched the idea since 2016 and there was no thought to issue length or panels in that version. It took a couple of days to go through it and then I did a couple of more minor revisions before sending it on to Paul and Trevor for their input.

There are some scripts pending here but I'm waiting for Paul to complete some of his own work including scripts for submissions to writing programs due July 1. I don't want to dilute his creative powers when this and the pilot for Powers Squared The Animated Series can wait.

I also managed to do a little work on the Pitch Packet for the animated series but I know there will be more revisions when we get to that.

Speaking of pitching, Paul's writing class finally got to query letters so I'll be revising mine and starting that process again for Broken People. He sent me the teacher's examples of a good query letter and a bad one. I'll admit relief that one of mine wasn't in the latter category. I also realize that it's going to take some research as well. Not just to find an agent but to find examples of the people they represent to say, see mine is like so-and-sos.

As you can imagine, in my life, there isn't a lot of time for leisure reading. I manage to keep a book going, but they are rarely mysteries, so I don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of authors I write like or who write similar stories. Nothing against mysteries but I rarely read comics either. Between work and writing and family, eating, and exercise, the day is pretty full as it is. I know I should read more but I need the days to be longer to get that done.

I did work on that new chapter for The Runaway. While it seemed logical that I would have that chapter (and I was hoping to add some words to the count along the way) I'm a little lost with it. I haven't yet figured out why it needs to be there for the story. But that's the beauty of writing something, you can always delete it later. I'm not sure how much of this work will be put on hold when I get to the querying. As I believe I've written before that process always seems to take more time than just updating an email to be more suited to the agent.

That leaves just one area of our writing trifecta to go, writing reviews for Trophy Unlocked. I guess June, at least on Saturdays, is turning to a Pre-Code film month. The Saturday Morning Review this week was Employees' Entrance, a drama from 1933.

In the meantime, I completed another one for later on The Front Page (1931), the film that was remade in 1940 as His Girl Friday, which I've seen several times. I had read about when the remake happened and the gender change for Hildy, but I wanted to see the original for myself. This was another Delete the DVR Saturdays and The Front Page was up. So many more to go, I'm afraid.

Well, that about does it for this week. Keep writing, stay safe and I'll see you next week.

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