Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Week in Writing #163

So the week went from okay on Monday to feeling like I had gotten a kick in the gut by Sunday afternoon. More about that later.

Never really got into the groove this week as much as I wanted to. I did write, but not as much as I had planned on. Did a little writing on Familiar Stranger, but sadly very little. I had wanted to really work on it this week, but other writing took persistence either through bad time management or for other reasons.

I did try to prep for the Writer's Digest Novel Writing Conference that's coming up later in the month. There was a webinar where a writer explained how to prepare for it. While it happened during the day on Tuesday, I tried to listen to it. Usually, I can go whole days without talking to anyone, so I thought I might be able to listen while I worked. But about ten minutes in one of my co-workers wanted to discuss work stuff and a few minutes my boss called me into her office to discuss more work stuff. So needless to say, I never had a chance to listen to it and still haven't but there are still a few weeks to go.

Spent some time working on posting a review for Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1950), including finding photos for the review and, believe it or not, trying to correct grammar. I spent some time later in the week going over the review again before I asked Paul to edit it. He apparently still found things that needed to be changed. That review appeared as Trophy Unlocked's Saturday Morning Review and is the first in this month's Halloween salute. Still, need a fourth film. We watched the Final Cut of Blade Runner on Friday and while it may be boring, it doesn't rise to the level of horribly so.

But put away your wallet, that wasn't the only review we posted. Based on a showing we went to over the weekend, I posted one for Loving Vincent, a new film that uses 65000 oil paintings over a live-action film to present the story in the visual look of Van Gogh's paintings. It's an experimental film that also manages to tell a story with good acting.

Started on for Side Street (1950), but haven't so far gotten further than an introductory paragraph. Watching that movie, on Thursday night, also took away from writing, though I wanted to watch it to remove it from our DVR. We've had it since TCM's Last Summer of Darkness, along with a boatload of other film noirs we recorded but haven't yet watched. Sometimes, your desire to watch films outdistances your actual time to do so.

Tried to work with Final Draft for the first time on a future script for Powers Squared. Maybe it's me, but it seemed rather clunky. I'm used to writing in Word, but I thought I should learn to at least get a feel for the software. There goes a couple of nights work. I also realize that I need to update the website with more information about the upcoming issues, so that's work for another day.

More pages from the artist, layouts for pages 17 through 19 of issue #5. Those came in on Friday, but it was Sunday before we had the time to look at them; that's the way it goes sometimes. Also received four pages from our colorist, but those were accompanied by the kick in the gut. After three issues, she's notified us that she has to quit. Another career opportunity for her will take too much of her time. While we're happy for her, it really hurts to lose her.

Next week, I hope to pick up the pieces and carry on.

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