Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Week In Writing #154

Sunday nights are the worst time of the week for me. All the promise of the weekend is gone by then, so in addition to all that you did and accomplished, there are still those things you needed to do, but didn't and more importantly the things that you wanted to do, but didn't. Taking this little reckoning at the end of the week is a reminder of all that I didn't get done that I wanted to, to go along with what I did.

Another concert this weekend, Slayer at the Forum, sort of dominated Saturday. Even though it was in a good way, that meant less time for everything else. You can't live life only doing what you have to do, but everything is a balancing act. Even though I was at the concert, I still managed to forward new pages for Powers Squared to the colorist before and between acts, our artist only finishing and sending tiffs to us that evening. We had been working him throughout the week on little tweaks to the final four pages.

Now that that's settled, Issue #5 has officially begun and, of course, the waiting for pages begins anew.

So, we're getting close to the end of Issue #4, at least from an artwork standpoint. There is still lettering to go, but I think that should go pretty quickly. Trevor has not been the speed bump in this process.

Issue #3 sort of languishes. One of the things I haven't gotten to is a final review of everything and the inside page of the cover. Speaking of the cover, we still haven't heard back from the artist we approached about doing the cover for us. Not sure why. Followed up with him on Sunday afternoon, so hopefully, we'll hear either way soon.

His email was one of three that I sent this afternoon, the other two following up with different people about feedback from Comic-Con. As I've written before, waiting is the worst. Going hand in hand with that is his sister anticipation and his cousin anxiety: "Will he say yes?" "Will they like it?"

The rewrites of Familiar Stranger continue. Now I'm a little over 14,000 words and 79 pages into the process. Really liking the new knowledge and putting it to use. I really like making things better, though I hope the 12th time through is the charm. Want to finish and move on.

The third tip in my trident of writing is Trophy Unlocked. Every Saturday morning I publish a new review and this week was no exception with Detour (1945), an early entry into the Film Noir genre. Began working on a review for Lethal Weapon (1987), but this one may wait for the Christmas season before getting published. Anyone familiar with our Christmas reviews knows we include more than just traditional Christmas movies and anyone familiar with Lethal Weapon will know why.

So next week's agenda is to work on finalizing Powers Squared Issue #3, finishing my review of Lethal Weapon and getting further into Familiar Stranger. I'll report back here and let you know how I do.

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