Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Week in Writing #88

Well, plans are made to be broken. While I had big ones for this past week not all of them came true.

First, there was the comic book. Big flurry of pages over the weekend. We realized that it had been three weeks since we had gotten finished pages from our artist and suddenly, it was like opening a dam and letting the water out. That doesn't necessarily equate into finished pages, but it at least shows our artist is still active with the book. Even though we're paying him to do the work, we've been burned too many times before not to be nervous when we don't hear anything for awhile.

The book seems to be coming together in jumps and starts. We've got pages outlined up to page 15, but we're still waiting for page seven. I'll admit that sometimes it's hard to keep everything in mind and I had proof of that last night, when I forgot that we'd received a certain layout three weeks ago that we now received inked pages for. Seeing it finished and against the layout for the next page, left us thinking it was a mistake, but it turns out that it was our fault.

We did receive a couple of colored pages, so there is some progress on that end as well. We're learning a lot about what we don't knew about comics, but we're pleasantly surprised at the reception some of our questions receive.

Tried to work on the short synopsis for Pubic and Private, but having trouble trying to put it all into 2 to 3 pages. Still trying different methods of getting into the story, but not getting it done. So, no queries either this past week. I've got to make this a priority. There I go making plans.

Did finish two reviews this week, but not necessarily the two I thought I'd work on. Did complete the other film noir we saw in the theater, Take One False Step (1949), but still not done with Kind Hearts and Coronets. Somehow, I'm finding that one hard to write, not sure why. But I did finish one for The Music Box (1932), the famous Laurel and Hardy short. I did publish a review of Purple Rain on Saturday.

I did follow up on Friday about my TV series pitch. I know they're busy, but they seemed receptive to at least seeing it. I'll email it to them on Monday. I haven't really changed much, if anything about it since I first submitted it in November. I did register it with the WGA in the meantime.

So, things continue per normal; I make plans, but they don't always come to fruition, or at least not in the manner I intended. But Monday is the start of another week and hopefully I'll get to some of what I plan to do in the way I intend.

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