Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Week in Writing #20

Tried to send out one query a day, but only made it to four. Starting to think I need to revise my query letters, since I don't seem to be getting any reaction. I currently have 11 queries out there and they all seem to be counting down to DNR (Did Not Respond). Would really love to hear something back, even a "not for me" would be welcomed. Nothing like feeling you count enough to be rejected.

The rewrites on Familiar Stranger have been going well, but I'm not getting as much time as I would like to work on it. I have some ideas about tightening the opening of the book as well, trying to get to the story a little quicker.

Sometimes real life gets in the way of the 1000 words a day and this was another such week. I won't go into the details as they are of a personal nature, but I wasn't able to write as much as I wanted. The goal is to always do better next week.

Published a review on Trophy Unlocked: Horse Feathers (1932):

Spent some time trying to polish up a review for the 100th anniversary of the release of The Birth of a Nation (1915). A most controversial film, which I want to do justice to, while at the same time noting the bigotry of the film's message. Also, working on a new one for Foreign Correspondent (1940), but again, I'm not as far along as I would like. Usually by the time I write this post, I've finished with the review, but not in this case.

Not the most inspiring week or post. Sometimes it's a slow and frustrating process, but I keep at it nevertheless.

My goal for next week is to not only have finished the review for Foreign Correspondent, but also to have squared away the bulk of the rewrite on Familiar Stranger. What I need is the one thing I can't always control: time.

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