Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Week in Writing #13

Started back on my rewrites of Familiar Stranger this week, but I didn't get far. Driving, visiting with family and shopping for Christmas are not conducive to writing a thousand words a day. I did drive about 1,000 miles over the weekend, but that doesn't put words on the page.

Didn't send out any new agent queries, but five expired from no response. While that's not necessarily the end of the query process with those agents, it's usually a sign that nothing is going to happen. Disappointing, but sadly not unexpected.

Received some more edits this afternoon on Public and Private, but I'm going to wait until tomorrow to go through them.

Posted two movie reviews on Trophy Unlocked this week, San Quentin (1937) and Each Dawn I Die (1939), both Warner Bros. prison films. I usually try to post one a week, but I wanted to finish with the reviews I had for films from 1939 this month, as next month will be spent on holiday movies and year-end wrap ups. The last review I had from 1939 was Each Dawn I Die and in it, I make reference to San Quentin, a review I had written, but not published, so it made sense to post that one earlier in the week to set up Each Dawn I Die.

I do know that the reviews are being read, especially when I re-post them on TCM's Classic Film Union blogsite. There I do get the occasional comment. A little disconcerting is that a couple lately have been pointing out mistakes in my reviews. When someone points something out, I try to research the claim and make corrections if appropriate. I'm not happy about making the mistake in the first place, but I want these reviews to be correct when it comes to the synopsis or the factual/historical part of the articles.

I did write a new review, this one for Fatty and Mabel Adrift (1916), a silent comedy short. Not sure when I'll post it, but I like having some in the bank so to speak. Some weeks are harder than others to write a review and sometimes it's nice to ones to fall back on or to build a theme around. I also, have the next two reviews ready to go. This week will be another twofer, but you'll have to wait to find out what they are, but here's a hint, the Stubs reviews in December will be aimed at Christmas.

I'm hoping this next week will allow more time for writing.

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