Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Week in Writing #6

Sometimes one week can seem a lot like the rest. To a third-party, the act of writing is an awful lot like typing and watching someone type is not the most exciting to thing to do, which probably explains why writing is not a spectator sport.

I had a sort of breakthrough this past week on Familiar Stranger, the book I have been re-writing on my own. There was a certain part of the story that I could never get to work to my own satisfaction. I've played around with it for two full re-writes, so on the third go 'round, I finally came up with a better approach. That's one of the things I like about editing, making things work that hadn't before. Making it better is what it's all about.

Heard back from one agent I queried last Sunday; a rejection, what else. The next day, so you know he gave it a lot of thought. The box score for anyone counting or caring is 6 out for A Killer Blog, including one complete manuscript and 8 for Past Present. While I trolled Query Tracker looking for more potential agents, I didn't send out any new queries. Later next week, I'll have the time to send more out.

Got an invite for a book party for a friend of mine in November. I'll admit to a little jealousy, but if I don't go it's because it's out in Palm Springs. I'd like to go and be supportive. His is not a fiction book, but I would hope he'd do the same for me.

As far as my thousand words a day goes, I think I'm still on course. I finished a future review for Trophy Unlocked: The Mummy (about 3770 words) and I know I did that many on Familiar Stranger, only some of the work has been going over the same part of the novel, making the changes I mentioned above. No firm word count, I'm afraid. I kept track the first couple of days and I was over 3000 combined, but again these are editing word counts. I did publish one review on Trophy Unlocked:  Frankenstein (1931), which you are welcomed to read.

Anyway, that's the week that was.

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