Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Week in Writing #2

While I hate to say it, not much happened this week on the detective novel front. My editor is alive, I’m sure of it. People are posting photos of him on Facebook. Good to know. I know that I wasn’t quite right for a week or so after Comic-Con so I can only imagine Burning Man takes some time to get over. From what I know about the event it sounds quite intense, a sort of mix of art and survival skills. As hard as SDCC is, Burning Man sounds worse.

I put my own rewrites on hold because I had an idea I wanted to work out for the still non-existent- someday-going-to-be comic book. I won’t go into too many details, but it’s called Mathmagical and has to do with the Napoleon Theorem being used as a portal.  The idea took most of the week to write, read and edit. The script ended up being 30 pages and about 6400 words. My editor/co-writer is my son, Paul, so with the demands of his own college coursework, I’m not expecting any feedback anytime soon. But the more important thing for me was to write it out and at least get it down on paper, or at least a Word document.

I did some research work on agents, though I didn’t send any queries this week.  I discovered, by following  an agent on Twitter, that there is something called #Pitmad. It’s sort of like a group pitch session, but instead of the speed-dating type you do at writer’s conferences, you have to summarize your 90,000 word novel to 140 characters. As impossible as that might sound apparently a lot of agents pay attention to it. I was interested in trying it, but, of course, I found out about this on September 10th and #Pitmad was September 9th. I know they had something similar called #PitchWars, so I’m sure what goes around will come around again and something similar will come again.

I spent a good part of Saturday and this morning working on a future review for Trophy Unlocked of Stagecoach (1939). That worked out to be about 4000 words; so much to say about a really good film.  I’m hoping to post it in November. We’re doing a salute to silent films during September (posted Tillie’s Punctured Romance on Saturday) and horror films in October, so I’m hoping to post it before we move onto holiday films in December.

Next week, I’m getting back to my rewrites and I hope to locate my editor. Wish me luck. 

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